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The Swedish Government pulled the rug from underneath the home-educated children in Sweden, when their proposal for a new School Law was barely voted in by Parliament on June 22, 2010.

We will not remain still and passively watch while our kids are forced (!) to school, after so many years in what they love: Learning in their own pace, in a safe environment, and to develop naturally and without social limitations. We will continue the battle!

A legal and very successful alternative to school is now erased, without any grounds nor research! Rohus was a review-organisation, and we wrote a massive review - to absolutely deaf ears!

For this reason, we ask You to support our work - sign the petition! We used it in our review, and will use it for many other activities from now on. Donations are also welcome.

Rohus is politically and religiously un-affiliated.

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"I support the Rohus purpose, to preserve the right to home education in Sweden!"
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